Hello McFly?!

OK, I'm going to do something that I really don't want to do right now.

I'm going to stick up for Fox News.

The folks at FNC pissed me off the other day and while my anger doesn't often last long, it's still there right now.

But, FTVLive has never played favorites and we tell it like it is, so in this case, we have to stick up for Fox News.

Why? Because CNN's Brian Stelter wrote a story saying that Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly do not get along.

WOW! That's huge news....Not.

In the story that Stelter claims he spent days working on, he writes, "...the tension between the two stars is a source of intrigue and sometimes a cause of headaches for Fox News chief Roger Ailes."

Ummmm, I highly doubt that Roger gives two flips what Kelly and O'Reilly think of each other.

Here's the problem, Brian Stelter has worked in exactly ONE TV newsroom in his entire career. So, for that reason alone, we have to give him a bit of a pass.

Of the thousands of you reading this story right now in your newsroom, answer this question. Are there any Anchors on staff that don't get along with each other?

Of course there is!

I worked at a station where the two main Anchors hated each other. But guess what? The show was number 1 in the ratings and no one really cared. It happens in every newsroom.

Stelter once Tweeted out that, "Wolf (Blitzer) is the worst," and then made a lame excuse as to why he did it.

Now, Wolf Blitzer is more than smart enough to see through Stelter's excuse and it is likely that Blitzer is not a huge Stelter fan. Does that have any impact on CNN's ratings, bottom line or whatever?

Of course it doesn't.

In this world of 7.1 billion people, you might be shocked to know that there are some that don't like others. It's life.

If Bill O'Reilly hates Megyn Kelly or not, how is that news?

They don't even work on the same show.

This story that Stelter took days to work on is the prime example of making much ado about nothing.

The only thing we can tell you for certain is Roger Ailes doesn't give a crap if they love each other or hate each other.

It just doesn't matter.