The Dumbest Thing CNN Ever Did

Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren posted a tweet with a link. The tweet said, "The Dumbest thing CNN ever did."

Before clicking on the link, I tried to think what was the dumbest thing CNN ever did? Damn bro.... that's a long list.

Hiring Jeff Zucker?
Don Lemon?
Piers Morgan?
Chris Cuomo?
The missing plane?
Donald Trump smotherage?
Letting Kathy Griffin on the air?
And so many, many more....

So, just what was the dumbest thing CNN ever did?

According to Greta, it was dumping Larry King.

Van Susteren writes, "CNN was stupid to get rid of Larry King.  When they did got rid of Larry, he was their highest rated show (as he had been for the previous 25 or so years.)  That in and of itself was stupid.  Dump your best?  CNN has not recovered.

But there is so much more than just offloading your top host…..Larry  was – and is – the gold standard.  He has the most amazing range.  He could interview ANYONE and he did – conservatives, liberals, entertainers, world leaders, Presidents, criminals, religious leaders, the ordinary guy who for whatever reason found himself (or herself) in the news, etc.  He could talk to anyone!  And everyone wanted to talk to Larry since they knew they would get a fair shake.  It was not the Hunger Games which some (media and viewers) now seem to clamor for.  Larry did interviews."

You can read more of CNN's dumbest mistake right her.

Now as for Fox News and their dumbest mistake...that one is easy....Howard Kurtz.