Charlotte Weatherman to Return After Being Found Innocent

WSOC Weather Anchor John Ahrens has been off the air for months after being arrested, but now the Meteorologist is set to return to the air.

Aherns was busted by police after his wife claimed that he assaulted her by throwing rocks at her. Aherns spent a couple of weekends in jail after his wife claimed she was abused by him.

Aherns maintained his innocence from the beginning and he has finally had his day in court where he was found innocent on the charges.

Aherns and his wife Sobrina Driver are in a bitter divorce and custody fight and it appears that Driver will do what it takes to make her husband look bad.

Unfortunately, Aherns employer, WSOC had to pull the Anchor from the air while this played out in court.

Now that the court has ruled him innocent, Ahrens is expected to return to the air.