Fox O&O Atlanta Station Using FTVLive to get Viewers

Well we never thought we would see this.

There is no doubt that the suits at the Fox Television Group are not huge fans of FTVLive (but they all read it). Fox hates the fact that we have solid sources inside their company and break stories like this, this and that.

Each time FTVLive breaks a story involving a Fox O&O, a witch hunt starts inside the company to find the person(s) that leaked the info to FTVLive.

So color us a little surprised that a Fox O&O used to try and get viewers.

Two days ago, FTVLive told you about Atlanta area viewer Brandon Roberts, who noticed on The Weather Channel app, that they were predicting snow in the Atlanta area.

So, Roberts decided to email his favorite Weatherman,  WSB Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns and ask him what he thought about TWC app forecast?

Burns replied, basically accusing Roberts of wasting his "off" time.

Roberts did not like the "rude" reply and posted a message to WSB's Facebook page saying he did not care for Burns attitude and that the station had just lost a longtime viewer.

Fast forward to yesterday and look what is popping up in people's Facebook feeds. WAGA Fox 5 in Atlanta purchased a sponsored post on Facebook, linking to the FTVLive story and urging Brandon Roberts to switch over to their station instead.

The idea that a TV station is using an FTVLive story to basically promote them and bash the competition is not something we expected to see, especially from a Fox O&O.

But it shows that at least one executive at a Fox station has figured how to use FTVLive to their advantage, instead of focusing on who is leaking information?

This shows the power of, the only site that isn't afraid to give you the real story and, if we have to, step on a few toes along the way. 

Here is the sponsored post that WAGA had posted to Facebook: