Fox Starts Witch Hunt to Find Person that Leaked Story to FTVLive

Back on October 7th, FTVLive told you about the Fox O&O News Director that screwed up while sending an email.

FTVLive reported that the ND was trying to suck up to his bosses and wrote and email to them saying that he could save his station money by eliminating the Assistant News Director and Managing Editor positions at the station. He said they could get by with just him and the Executive Producers. 

The problem was, when the ND went to send the email, he sent a copy to the Assistant News Director and the M.E.

It was a major screw up and quite embarrassing for Fox Television Stations.

In fact, a few days later, FTVLive reported that Fox O&O boss Jack Abernathy asked the General Managers about the story at a GM meeting. 

It appears that the Fox suits are not happy with the story of their News Director screw up getting out. Instead of just firing the buffoon that sent the email, Fox is looking hard for the person that leaked the story to FTVLive.

Sources tell us that people are being talked to and they are determined to find the leaker and let them have it.

Meanwhile, the ND that sent the memo in the first place is still employed.

You just gots to love TV news.