It's iPhone Friday

Let's be honest, not a lot of exciting things happen here at the FTVLive World HQ, but Today is a big day. 

Apple begins selling the new iPhone 6S and FTVLive has an appointment at high noon to pick up our new baby.

I am going with the iPhone 6S plus, which is the big phone. I'm not sure how that is going to fit in my pocket, or if the phone will be too big, but I do know that my failing eyes will appreciate the bigger screen. 

You can expect to see TV news crews camped out at Apple Stores to interview the people that are camping out for the new phone.

FTVLive got a bit smarter this year and scheduled an appointment to pick our phone up. We'll have to see how that process works.

We should have a brand new bouncing baby iPhone by early this afternoon. 

By the way, we are going with the gold one this year.