Hey guys, just wanted to check in and say that I'm doing some behind the scenes tweaking to FTVLive. 

No changes will be huge, but it should make the site a bit easier to get around, especially using a mobile device.

While I am doing some work on the code of this site, it is nice to get a bit more sleep and to try and not be attached to my email every second.

I'm back from NY, which was part business and part pleasure trip. 

It was great to be back in Western New York for a couple of days. First time back in about 7 years. 

Of course, if you've been to Buffalo, then you just know I had to make a Mighty Run (or maybe like 5 or 6 runs).

I'll be back in the saddle on Monday. Big thanks to the FTVLive Intern for throwing up some stories while we enjoy our brief time off.