ESPN Suspends Analyst Over Tweet

Another ESPN talent has crossed the line and is now sitting on the bench.

Former MLB star pitcher and now Baseball Analyst for ESPN  Curt Schilling has been suspended by the network after sending a controversial tweet Tuesday.

The tweet re-posted a meme that reads: "It's said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How'd that go?"

The text was superimposed of a red-tinted photo of Adolf Hitler.

Schilling added, "The math is staggering when you get to true #'s."

Schilling also shared the photo on Facebook, where the original post links to a video about the end times. 

"Curt's tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company's perspective," ESPN said in a written statement. "We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration."

At first Schilling didn't back off from his post, but eventually he said it was wrong to post the meme.