Hannity Stuck Between a Rock and Donald Trump

Sean Hannity removed his lips from Donald Trump's ass long enough to try and tow the Fox News company line. 

After Fox News boss Roger Ailes blasted Trump in a statement defending his star Anchor Megyn Kelly, many other Fox News personalities have been sticking up for Kelly as well. 

The big two at Fox News used to be Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, but ever since Megyn Kelly burst onto the prime time scene, Hannity has been moved to the back burner and is basically and afterthought at best. 

So how did Hannity handle Trump's latest attacks on Megyn Kelly?

With a tweet that basically fawned over Trump with a quick P.S. leave Megyn alone:

It's not like Megyn Kelly needs Sean Hannity to have her back, she can and is doing fine without him. In fact, Hannity should have just shut his mouth, or at least put it back on Trump's backside, where he seems most comfortable. 

Just saying....