Oh My God! CNN Confuses Dildo Flag for ISIS Flag

CNN reported a big exclusive story on Saturday....well they thought it was big.

The network reported that an Isis flag was spotted at a London Gay Pride Parade. According to CNN, their International Assignment Editor Lucy Pawle snapped exclusive pictures of the "ISIS Flag."

Pawle said that she, "seemed to be the only person that spotted this." She did say that the lettering on the flag was not exactly the same as the ISIS flag and it appeared to be, "gobbledygook" (her word).

A video was posted on YouTube and a number of people said that the images were "dildos and butt plugs" and it was not an ISIS flag at all. 

Pawle said that she spoke to an event organizer and a police officer that didn't seemed to worried about the ISIS dildo flag like she was.

CNN played up the "exclusive" story on air, but after it was pointed out that the flag was hardly an ISIS flag, CNN pulled the video of the story from their website with no explanation.  

Just another embarrassment for the cable network. 

Let's go to the video:

Update: The Twitterverse is starting to chime in. This is a story we doubt you will see on Reliable Sources tomorrow.