Greta: CNN’s Brian Stelter has been in the business about 5 days

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that CNN's Brian Stelter sent out a tweet and quickly deleted it, that mocked his colleague Wolf Blitzer and his coverage of the prison escapees. 

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren thinks it was a cheap shot by an inexperienced Reporter. Greta writes

"This CNN Brian Stelter tweet is pathetic and is embarrassing to CNN.  It is also extremely disrespectful to his colleague, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Stelter is arrogant and I might add, has limited experience.  He doesn’t come close to Wolf’s experience and judgment and dares to tweets this about Wolf.  Stelter travels from DC to NYC and back…and reads the internet.   Wolf has criss crossed the world and interviewed world leaders."

Stelter's excuse for the tweet?

Judging by the email to FTVLive and internet comments, not many are buying his excuse. One person said that Stelter was trying to send his Blitzer statement as a direct message and tweeted it by mistake. The person said that Stelter was DMing with his wife at the time. Not sure how the person knows this, but that excuse seems about as good as Stelter's.

One comment to Greta's blog reads:

"Never heard of him", with Stelter's ego, that comment has to hurt the most.

Maybe he now knows how Wolf feels.

Just saying....