Do You Want to Have Lunch With Jeff Zucker?

How would you like to have lunch with CNN President Jeff Zucker? 

You can and you can do so for a bargain.

There is an auction for lunch with the Zuck on Charity Buzz right now. The lunch is valued at $10,000 bucks, but is currently selling for just 20% of that at $2000.

The auction says that, "The lucky winner will have lunch with President of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, at Porterhouse Steak inside the Time Warner Center in NYC!"

Guess if you're a vegan, you might not want to bid. 

If you don't think $2000 is a deal, check out what hanging out with Apple CEO Tim Cook went for? It was valued at $100,000 and sold for $200,000. 

That makes lunch with Zucker look cheap.

We're guessing that the current bid of 2 Grand is coming from Brian Williams.

Just saying....