Staff Fed Up at Al Jazeera America and Want Out NOW!

When Al Jazeera America launched, many thought it was holy grail when it came to TV Journalism.

Now people are saying "holy shit" and they want out in the worst way.

When AJA launched, many pitched themselves to work there. It seemed like a company with an unlimited budget and a thirst to do "real" news.

Those same people feel like they were lied to and are now looking to get out.

FTVLive told you yesterday about how bad it is inside AJA and since then we have been contacted by others on the inside that paint even a worse picture.

"The temperament of employees is manipulated by changing schedules less than 24 hours in advance with no direct contact by supervisors.  In one week we are assured that our jobs are safe, the following week there are layoffs," says one AJA staffer to FTVLive. 

  A new procedure of employee reviews took a persons "self-review" and berated them for all the good they thought they had done.  Managers were asked to pick their favorites for a bonus check and required to make-up reasons why other employees were not good at their jobs.  Yes, many employees had blatant lies on their reviews.

Even security at AJA has changed dramatically since the launch. 

"Security was solid and a metal detector used at launch 2013.  By the third month of 2014, the detector was removed, security staff reduced to one person, and the entrance doors were broken.  The sense of any security at work was gone and the psychological toll has only grown," a n AJA insider says.

Many inside are not happy and want to leave.

One staffer thinks that having AJA on his resume is hurting his future employment chances. 

There is no doubt that many inside are not happy and are scared of the bosses.