Ummmmm....I Don't Think So

WIVB in Buffalo continues to erode their news product with letting veterans go and hiring very green Reporters and Producers.

So just how bad is it?

On Tuesday night the station anchor Nalina Shapiro read the following script: “In other space news, years after the first moon landing, the wife of Louis Armstrong has found secret items from Apollo 11. She says she found this white bag hidden away in her home. Armstrong turned the items over to the Smithsonian and they recognized some of the items as things Louis Armstrong took with him on the flight recording the camera used to record Armstrong setting foot on the moon for the first time.”

Shapiro did correct herself and blamed the mistake on the script. corrected herself pretty quickly and blamed the mistake on a script.

Ummmmm....did you go over your scripts? And how is the person that wrote that not serving a Brian Williams type suspension right now? 

By the way, NEIL Armstrong just flipped over, we're guessing Jazz great Louis Armstrong did as well.