Brian Williams Claims He Has A Piece Of Top Secret Equipment

NBC may soon have more than an internal investigation going on, thanks to Brian Williams' 'stories'. In a piece on Huff Post Media, BriLie claims he was given part of the highly classified, Top Secret, Black Hawk helicopter used by Seal Team 6 to grab Osama Bin Laden.

While appearing on Letterman in January 2013, Williams said after the Bin Laden raid, a white envelope showed up on his desk at 30 Rock. He said inside was a piece of the fuselage of the blown-up chopper sent by one of his 'friends'.

Now, it doesn't take a genius to raise some eyebrows over this one.  A) It's doubtful a Seal Team 6 member took a piece of classified equipment, B) If they DID take a piece of the chopper, why would they risk their career giving it to BriLie, C) That chopper is still classified, so BriLie has endangered national security.

If this is true, the folks at 30 Rock can probably expect to see a bunch of black SUVs pulling up with some serious looking G-men coming in to investigate.

Hey wait, didn't Aaron Sorkin do something like this on HBO's The Newsroom?  We know, Brian, HBO followed you around for 'realism' ideas, right?