Not Another One....

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Back on December 1st, FTVLive told you aboutWCYB Reporter Greg Richards and his online station bio.

The bio, one of the more in depth bios we have ever seen,  high lighted his life as a teenager, talked about attending church in Ferguson, Mo., his loving home and the death of his brother. It truly is the "all about me" TV bio.

Then on December 4th, FTVLive pointed out that Richards appeared to leave on tid bit out of his lengthy bio. InMarch of 2014, cops in Chatham County, Georgia arrested a Gregory Richard Gullberg on battery and disorderly conduct charges.

The mugshot of Gregory Richard Gullberg looked an awful lot like our intrepid Ti-Cities Tennessee Reporter Greg Richards.  

Well it appears that Greg Richards was pinched again by police and has court date next week.

Gregory Richard Gullberg was busted for DUI and evading arrest charge in Bristol Va, the night before Greg Richards started first shift at the station.

According to the arrest report, Richards (Gullberg) is due in court next week on those charges:

No word if his new station even knows about the arrest, but if he's not at work at 9AM on December 14th, they know where to find him.