Are you F'ing Kidding Me?!

Donald Trump stopped by Good Morning America yesterday morning, because you know, they have camera and that attracts like a moth to a light. 

Networks love to get Trump on their air, not because it adds any real news value, but it gooses the ratings.

There was nothing unusual about Trump's visit and no real news was made, but a controversy has started because of this visit to ABC. 

GMA Anchor Lara Spencer chucked all credibility and  ethics out the window and plopped herself down on Trump's lap to pose for a picture.

A picture that she eventually posted to Instagram, with the comment, "Can't beat having the RealDonaldTrump on Good Morning America." 

Are you F'ing kidding me?!

She thought this was OK? ABC News has no problem with this? 

ABC claims that Spencer was not sitting on Trump's lap and that Trump was sitting in a high chair that gave the illusion that she was sitting on his lap.

Somehow, ABC thinks this makes it OK. Whether she's on his lap or not, she has her arm around him and hand across his stomach. Is ABC saying that if David Muir posed like this with Hillary Clinton it would be OK? How about George Stephanopoulossnuggling up like this to Chris Christie?

There is SO much wrong with this, FTVLive could go on and on, but if ABC News doesn't take any discipline action against Spencer for downright embarrassing the network, then this one is on them.