CNN's Zucker: We will Do Less with Less

CNN boss Jeff Zucker is warning the staff that job cuts are coming at the cable news network.

“We are going to do less and have to do it with less,” Zucker said during a call-in to a news meeting last week. 

Zucker’s comments feed growing concerns among employees at CNN and other operations of Turner Broadcasting, which has nearly 13,000 full-time employees.

Zucker made his comments to staff the day after Turner chief John Martin sent a memo to staff saying a more streamlined company would be in place by the start of next year and that employees would begin hearing more in coming weeks. Turner executives are trying to refocus the business, including shedding costs, spending more on original programming to boost ratings and looking to prioritize other growth options.

Zucker said, “We now have a sense of what Turner is expecting from CNN. I am working with the senior management team at CNN to figure out what this means for us. This will result in changes and what we do and what we stop doing.”

CNN has already stopped doing a lot of news coverage under Zucker. If you work there, keep your head down and your resume updated. 

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution