Hmmmm? Maybe That's why all the Softballs

CNN's Brian Stelter acted as if his interview with Glenn Beck was a huge get. It always seemed to us that, Beck never met a camera or microphone that he didn't like.

Stelter interviewed Beck a couple of weeks ago on CNN's Reliable Sources and by many accounts, Stelter appeared to lob Beck a bunch of softball questions.

Then, word came down that Beck had met with CNN suits to talk about bringing his online Blaze network to HLN.

So, did Stelter know that Beck was talking to CNN/HLN about joining the network? And if he did, shouldn't he have disclosed that fact in his interview? 

Stelter took to Twitter to claim he knew nothing about the talks with his bosses:

If it's true that Stelter knew nothing about the talks, shouldn't his bosses filled him in? They knew that Beck was coming on Reliable Sources, did they not see there was a conflict? Shouldn't somebody have disclosed that information? If I was Stelter, I would be pissed that my boss made me look like I was hiding something. 

It surely makes the puff piece on Beck even more suspicious.

Also, it took over 6 months to get an interview with Glenn Beck?! Are you F-ing kidding me? I would have given up after 5 minutes, because honestly, who really cares?

Just saying....