Anchor Says he Didn't Throw Down the F-Bomb

KSPR (Springfield) Anchor Jerry Jacob says he did not throw down the F-Bomb on the newscast and is offering an explanation to what he said. 

"Sounded like we just heard an F-bomb by Jerry Jacob on the 6 pm news just now after his making a joke about putting a beach ball on the grill to celebrate the beginning of Summer," one viewer wrote on the KSPR Facebook page Tuesday evening.

Jacob says he was caught off guard when told what viewers heard.

"Had I said that word on the air during the newscast I am pretty certain I would have remembered it. I was there, after all," he wrote. "At the very least I believe I would have noticed that all of my belongings were neatly piled up on Sunshine Street outside the studio."

"What you heard is not what I intended to say," he added. "Nor is it what I said. It simply sounded like I said it."

Jacob said he started to say "Put the beach ball on the grill and fire it up!"

"However, in the middle of my sentence I pulled a quick stop and interrupted myself with a, 'No.' So it came out as 'Put the beach ball on the grill and f, no.'

Jacob wrapped up the Facebook post by apologizing to those who heard the line — and providing a link to the YouTube clip for those who hadn't.

Let's go to the video: