Station Backtracks on Twitter Photo Story

WJBK in Detroit thought they had a juicy story. After a guy had a seizure and crashed his truck into a tree. Paramedics responded and were working the scene.

A passerby took a picture and posted it on Twitter. The victim and WJBK thought the Paramedics stopped and smiled for the picture while they were helping tend to the victim. The station passed along the photo to the Paramedics boss and wanted him to explain the smiles.

Social media went off on the station for making up a bogus story. The Paramedics boss said they guys were not smiling and doing their job correctly. 

WJBK Reporter Andrea Isom says she was hurt by all the comments on social media ripping her and her station for making up the story.

The station backtracked and aired another story to follow up, making it the first time a simple one car crash with no fatalities, made the newscast two nights in a row.

Let's go to the video: