Damn! Can we Blame the Intern?

FTVLive calls out stations and networks that get fooled by fake news stories in the Onion and such.

So fair is fair and we need to call out ourselves.

This morning, FTVLive got an email from one of our reliable tipsters pointing us to a story in a local paper.

The story was about an FCC fined leveled against a Buffalo station. 

The story had the look and feel of the Buffalo News website, but it was a parody site instead. Normally we always check the URL to make sure, but this morning we screwed up and got fooled.

In the 14 years of FTVLive, we can only think of one other time that we got fooled on a fake story. But, in reality it will likely happen again, although we will try like hell to make sure it doesn't.

We have seen TV stations fooled, networks fooled and a number of other websites fooled. It sucks when it happens, but it does happen.

We could blame it on being really tired, or better yet blame the intern, but the bottom-line is we got fooled and for that we are sorry. 

We own up to the mistake.