So? Does She Have the Job or Not?

So is Anne Allred the main co-anchor with Mike Bush at KSDK (St. Louis)?

Yes. Maybe. Probably. At least for now. Until further notice.

In early February, Allred began co-anchoring the flagship 10 p.m. newscast with Mike Bush. At the time, station sources said the assignment would go until the Winter Olympics ended. But more than a month after the games ended Feb. 23, Allred continues to sit beside Bush for the late cast.

Station news director Mike Shipley said, "We're still in a trial mode, and we like what we've seen thus far. So we will continue" with Allred.

Asked if there was a deadline for making a decision, Shipley shot back, "We'll know when we know."

In other words the longer we keep her in tryout mode the less we have to pay her. You see if she gets the main gig, the station is going to have to redo her contract, which will mean paying her more money. If they keep her in tryout mode, her paycheck remains the same. 

Welcome to TV News folks. 

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch