Oops! That Ain't Cool

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You may remember the dramatic ice rescue that was in the news last week. Two boys in Iowa wondered out on some thin ice in the middle of the river and had to be rescued by Firefighters.

The Firefighter was hailed as a hero and along with the two boys and their family they were invited to be guests on the Today Show in New York.

For Des Moines NBC affiliate WHO, it's a big deal when someone local is invited to New York to talk to Matt and Savannah. 

WHO made a big deal about Firefighter Alan Angstrom heading to New York and the Today Show. The station also informed viewers that the two boys and their family were also headed to New York, even telling viewers when they left town.

Well, it appears that burglars also watch WHO and while the two boys and they family were in New York, the thieves cleaned up their house. 

When the family got back home they found their home destroyed. 

“Anytime a house gets broken into you expect TVs, video games and things like that, but the personal items that means so much to those boys,” Angstrom, the firefighter that helped save the boys, said.

In a press release the Fort Dodge Police Department called the act “disturbingly disappointing if not disgusting.”

Jeans, shirts, socks and underwear are being accepted in 8-10 boys sizes along with age appropriate movies, games and toys which were all stolen.