The 8 Best and Worst People in TV News in 2014 - No. 5

We have made it to No. 5 on the list of the best and worst people in TV news in 2014 and you might be shocked to find someone from CNN on the best side.

The Best:

Erin Burnett - CNN

There is no question there are not many things about CNN that could be on anyone's best list. Former CNN staffers are deeply sadden by how the once great cable news station has become nothing more than a laughing stock that does less and less news.

But one bright spot is Erin Burnett and her show "OutFront." Burnett is a good interviewer that asks the same questions that viewers are thinking about. Her style is very conversational and she rarely drones on too long on any one topic.

Burnett show hit its stride in 2014 and she does not get caught up in the hype like many of the others at CNN. Her interviews are on point and fair no matter who she is talking to. 

Let's be honest CNN is not very good these days, but the one hour that Erin Burnett is one, it's almost like they are a real cable news station once again. 

The Worst:

Dr. Nancy Snyderman - NBC

Dr. Nancy Snyderman comes in at the No. 5 spot on the worst list. Everyone remembers how Synderman broke her voluntary ebola quarantine to make a run to a local restaurant. Many in the area felt that Synderman put their lives in danger and for a Doctor that is unacceptable.

But, what made it worse was Synderman's lack of remorse for her actions. Her apology was one of the lamest apologies of the year and you could tell that her giant ego did not even want to say the words "I'm sorry", but she had to do it to keep her job. 

NBC should have cuts ties with Snderman when they had the chance. 

Comeback next hour as we move closer and closer to the top of the list.