The 8 Best and Worst People in TV News in 2014 - No. 6

We now move to No. 6 on our list of the best and worst in TV news for 2014.

The Best:

Greta Van Susteren - Fox News

Greta has been doing her "On the Record Show" at Fox News for a dozen years and takes on a number of subjects that other shows will not touch. Unlike other shows, Van Susteren will stay with a story until there is a conclusion.

She's not afraid to dig in her heels and tackle issues that others are too scared to touch. And although Van Susteren is on the right leaning Fox News, she is tough and fair with her interviews with people on both sides of the aisle.

And in the end, tough and fair are the best description a journalist could ask for.

The Worst:

Jim Cantore - The Weather Channel

Jim Cantore, or as FTVLive likes to call him, "The American Bald Ego" thinks a lot of himself. In a business full of egos, Cantore's ranks as one of the biggest and that was never more evident when DirecTV pulled Cantore's Weather Channel off the bird.

Cantore went ballistic, "I feel it's just irresponsible for DIRECTV to drop The Weather Channel and deny their viewers access to critical and potentially life-saving information in times of severe weather. I think it’s a dangerous gamble to put lives at risk for a penny," Cantore wrote.

He then added in bold letters "Nobody can do weather like we do. Nobody."

But yet when the bad weather hits it is just a live shot of Cantore standing in a spot to make the weather look worse than it is and yelling into the mic. Sorry Jim, but any fresh out of college Reporter can do that as well.

Maybe you should go sell some more wiper blades like you do in your latest commercial. And yet the Weather Channel lets you shill product. 

So nobody can do weather like you and no one can sell wiper blades like you either.

Just saying.... 

Check back next hour to see No. 5 on the best and worst list.