DC Station Moves Deuce to Special Projects

WJLA Assistant News Director Holly Shannon is losing her job, but she's staying the station.

The newly owned Sinclair station is launching a new advocacy/investigative reporting unit and bringing back 7 On Your Side.

Shannon is now the station's Director of Special Projects.

Here is the internal memo that was sent to the staff from new ND Mitch Jacob: 

From: Mitch Jacob
Date: December 5, 2014 at 6:06:39 PM EST
To: NewsroomAll
Subject: ABC 7 OYS Team is Back!!!

It was disbanded several years ago, but it’s BACK and in FULL FORCE!   I am thrilled to let everyone know, we have put the final pieces together today on what I believe will be a major force in our efforts to set ABC 7 apart from other stations in the market.   We are putting a huge amount of resources behind our efforts to reinforce our commitment to advocacy/investigative reporting and the ABC 7 On Your Side brand.   The ABC 7 On Your Side Investigative unit will be made up of a team of reporters, producers, photographers/editors and will be led by Holly Shannon.   Our goal is to have these advocacy driven and investigative stories in every newscast and on all our other platforms!


7OYS I-Team -- Joce Sterman
7OYS I-Team --Chris Pabst
7OYS Consumer Investigator -- Kimberly Suiters
7OYS Troubleshooter -- Horace Holmes
7OYS Fighting Back -- Jennifer Donelan
Photographers: Ron Mounts, Jim Joslyn, Alex Brauer
Editor: Rigel Moranchel
Special Projects Producers: Becca McDevitt, Donna Inserra, Lynn Davis
Holly Shannon, as Director of Special Projects

It’s time for us to go big…or go home and folks I’m not ready to go home!  

Mitch Jacob
Director of News for Washington, DC
WJLA and News Channel 8