"Tamron Hall Took my Job"

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Natalie Morales might be looking to leave the Today Show, while Tamron Hall looks to fill her position.

Well, it appears that it wouldn't be the first time that Hall is weaseled her way into someone else's job.

Robert Feder writes that fourteen years after she lost her morning news anchor job to Tamron Hall at Fox-owned WFLD (Chicago)  Marianne Murciano is speaking out about it.

“Tamron Hall moved in and took my job while I was on maternity leave,” Murciano said Monday on the midday radio show she co-hosts with her husband, Bob Sirott. Murciano’s  comments were prompted by the Page Six report about a behind-scenes power struggle on NBC’s “Today” show between Hall and Natalie Morales.

“I’m reading about all this and I’m thinking, wow, yeah, I can see how Natalie Morales must be feeling,” Murciano told listeners of the Tribune Media news/talk station.

“It was kind of a shock that I went off to have a baby and that while I was on maternity leave, Tamron Hall was filling in for me, and then she became very close with management, which sounds like what’s happening now, and then suddenly she had my job. . . . Like I was never able even to come back and say ‘I’m leaving’ or anything. It was just done.”

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