Piers Morgan Just Doesn't Get It

I'm not sure why media outlets continue to give Piers Morgan face-time? What's so fascinating about a bloke who's ratings have proven viewers don't like?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan says he knew in February that his time was up at CNN. FTVLive first reported Morgan was 'out' in October 2013 and he proceeded to call my boss, Scott Jones, "a mad blogger - and that CNN had picked up his 4th year". Who's mad now?

Now, Morgan is blaming everyone but himself for his demise, including Anderson Cooper.  He whines about how his ratings were so bad because no news was happening and the Winter Olympics took away viewers. Hey Piers - if you were as good as you think you are, people would tune-in. People make it a point to watch talent that is good, or a show that is compelling, so take your cue. It's one of the reasons networks will put hit shows in the middle of prime-time, to try and bring eyeballs to less popular or new shows.  You also might have tried actually promoting your show on Twitter, instead of getting into ridiculous, personal fights with Lords and Earls in the UK that no one gives a crap about here.

Here's another thing Morgan gets wrong. He thinks anchors are supposed to have opinions. They're not. Their job is to report facts and let the viewers decide. He's confusing 'anchors' with 'talking heads/hosts'. There's a big difference. Just ask Al Sharpton.

It's funny that this guy is now trying to tell anyone that will listen what's wrong with CNN and how they could fix it. Even as an intern, I knew what was wrong was CNN's decision to hire this gasbag in the first place. And if your Agent had any smarts, he would have warned you that being the first guy in after Larry King, was a big risk.

Here's my advice Piers: Take your "Editor At Large gig (whatever that is) and try to get back on America's Got Talent or maybe host Tool Academy. That's where your strengths are. Leave TV news programming decisions to those who understand the audience and have some talent.