NY Reporter Says School Kids Bullied Her After Report

WABC (New York) Reporter Kristin Thorne says she was bullied on social media by Sachem East High School  students as she was reporting on a senior class scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt includes stealing a street sign and hooking up with a freshman has caused a bit of controversy and Throne covered the story. After words the students took to social media to blast her for the report. 

“Today I got a very good taste of what it’s like to be bullied in high school via social media and do I feel bad for kids,” Throne wrote on Facebook page. “A bunch of students at Sachem East High School were not too happy with my story. The things they’ve written about me on Twitter are disgusting.”

“DM me nudes and I’ll tell you everything,” one student wrote on Twitter. 

“Thank goodness I’m older and wiser and can laugh at it but it makes you think if they have no respect for people older than them what they treat their peers like,” Thorne wrote on Facebook. “So much for all this anti-bullying stuff. It’s a scary world and I’m sad that my kids have to live in it.”

Several members of the Sachem community, however, took issue with Thorne contacting students via Twitter.

“I saw her tweeting at children, following them on Twitter then asking for them to follow her back so she can message them privately,” Sachem North teacher Jonathan Chiaramonte commented on Thorne’s Facebook post. “That is highly inappropriate.”

H/T Patch.com