Chuck Scarborough's Farts Change People's Careers

WNBC (New York) Anchor Chuck Scarborough was honored at the Library of American Broadcasting’s “Giants” awards and he put on quite a show. 

“I’m honored to be among all you giants,” Scarborough quipped, “and I can tell you that my wife Ellen is pleased, too, that some attribute of mine has the word ‘giant’ associated with it.”

He also shared a smelly tale about once working with Judy Woodruff in Atlanta years ago, when, “I had, shall we say . . . gastrointestinal problems. To relieve my dilemma, I looked around the empty newsroom and let one go . . . worthy of a Roseanne Barreruption.” But, “I hadn’t noticed Judy had slipped quietly into the anchor chair behind me. She was paralyzed! I think the very next day she left the station and came up to New York. So I definitely had an impact on her career.”

H/T Page Six