Longtime News Director Pens Crime Drama (Sponsored)

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Our old buddy and longtime News Director Forrest Carr has a new book out and it is a great read. Forrest writes a "buddy cop" crime drama using TV news as the hook. It is well worth the read and you can download the book off Amazon at a great price. 

Forrest contacted FTVLive about placing an ad on our site. We are currently sold out of ad space, but because we liked his book and thought TV news people would as well, we decided to give Forrest some space here with our first ever sponsored content. Here's more about the book:

"In the crazy, cutthroat world of TV news, sometimes the only thing worse than missing the big story, is getting it."

Messages, the new novel by TV news veteran and textbook author Forrest Carr, is now available for the Kindle and Kindle reading apps.   Messages follows three friends as they embark on television news careers at the height of the golden age of local TV journalism.  In their search for Truth, Justice, and Ratings, they'll risk it all.  And before it's all over, one of them will be fighting for his job, another will be fighting for his sanity, and the third will be fighting for his very life.

"Messages is sort of a 'buddy cop' crime drama," Carr said, "featuring reporters instead of police officers.  It tells a captivating story, but also sheds a rare light on a bygone era of TV news, a time that put the industry on the path to become what it is today – for better or worse.  Most popular works of fiction dealing with TV news have focused exclusively on big-city and network operations, which are very different from the medium-to-small stations where most Americans get their local news.  Messages gives readers unique, sometimes hilarious, and often surprising insights into a process that's central to the American way of life."

Messages is available for download on Amazon.com.  Search "Messages by Forrest Carr" or follow this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ECK0DBK