KTVU Meets with AAJA

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KTVU sat down with the Asian American Journalists Association to talk about what led to the station’s infamous slip-up.

AAJA’s Tomoko A. Hosaka and others from the association met with News Director Lee Rosenthal, Vice President & General Manager Tom Raponi, staff reporter Amber Lee and Rosy Chu, director of community affairs and public service.

Hosaka had this to say after the meeting:

"We thank KTVU for taking the time to speak with us in person. The dialogue helped us better understand what led to the airing of the fake Asiana pilots’ names, and the station reiterated its deep remorse over the incident. It also resulted in concrete steps promised by KTVU to improve its journalistic practices and repair its relationship with the Asian American community. KTVU and AAJA will work together in the months ahead on these various initiatives. We will provide more details in the coming days."

We're hoping that Rosenthal did not show up to the meeting with fortune cookies and Panda Express. Then again, KTVU has not been very smart through this entire incident. 

H/T Poynter