Sorry Geraldo... the Dog Looks Better


Ever since Geraldo Rivera decided to post a naked selfie of himself on Twitter, we have tried everything to wash that image our of our mind.

The good news that after seeing the photo of the 105 year old Rivera, our appetite has decreased and we have been able to drop a few pounds.

BTW if we drop 5 more pounds, look for FTVLive to post a naked selfie in the near future.

Glenn Beck (above) took his swipe at Rivera by posting his own selfie, but instead of going nude, Beck put on as much clothes as he could. And we for one say thank you God that he did (but, can someone show Beck which way is up on his iPad?). 

But the best photo is of a dog that posted his naked selfie and was wearing nothing but a smile and his collar. 

And we have to admit, the K-9 looks much better than Geraldo.  

By the way, Rivera says he took the photo down off Twitter after Fox News ordered him to do so.  

We figured old Roger Ailes wasn't going to like it.