Cat Fight Anchors Say It's All Good

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KYW (Philly)  Anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson say that despite what the video shows, they really do like each other.

So what about all the catty comments the two make to each other on the video?  

They say they are just having some "fun." 

"I [really] adore Nicole, but some crazy fun editing put out a totally unreal spin," CBS3 Philly meteorologist Carol Erickson tweeted to fans concerned about the video showing her being berated by weekend anchor Nicole Brewer.

"If you know @CarolCBS3 and me, you know there's only love between us. So, we're going to keep having fun," Brewer tweeted.

But Fox 29's Howard Eskin is calling "Bullshit!"I'm in biz. [that's] BS!" Eskin tweeted Brewer and Erickson, while referencing Brewer's earlier message about "only love between us."

"Nicole Brewer needs to give u respect," Eskin told Erickson.

Either way, the Philly Anchors are getting their 15 minutes and can now say they have gone viral on YouTube.