Houston Station Says Sorry to Competitor


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that KPRC in Houston Tweeted pics of a traffic accident that they took off the air from KTRK. 

Now KPRC says their sorry and are blaming it on someone that works outside the station. 

KPRC GM Jerry Martin released this statement about the incident:

"The image was not ours to post. After investigating, we discovered it was tweeted by an employee of a third party company contracted to assist with our traffic presentation and the matter is being handled privately.

Post Newsweek Inc. has social media guidelines in place and just recently held staff meetings covering this exact topic. We will make sure to extend that training beyond PNS employees to anyone with the potential to post under our brand on any platform. It was an oversight on our end and we extend an apology to Channel 13."

KTRK had quickly used the incident to put together a promo about how KPRC turns to them for news. 


H/T Mike McGuff