The iPad Mini Winner is.......


When FTVLive launched this site as a free site on Feb 4th, we went out and bought a iPad Mini to give away to help drive some people to our website and to our social media parking spots.

We have seen TV stations use the same trick and since we can't come up with any original ideas ourselves.....we stole this one.

The promotion was very successful. We got thousands of entires and really think that  bribing.....errrrrr.... giving away some prize is a good way to help get your name out there.

In fact, we're seriously thinking about doing another one!

We would say we ARE going to do it, but it's tough to plunk down the $400 bills for a new iPad each time.

But you guys might (I said might) just be worth it.

Now on to the task at hand...the winner of this iPad Mini.

The winner is Elizabeth Jacob! (Damn! I can hear the groans from most of you all the way over here)

I have contacted her and waiting for her response as to where to send her the brand new iPad Mini.

So, now we have one very happy person and thousands of you that are like "Screw This!"

As I said, I really want to do another one of these and if I do, all of you already have in an entry in the drawing. I will be giving details on how you can get more entries in when we decide to kick off another contest.

Thanks again to all of you for making the launch of the free FTVLive such a success!

You know if I could, I would give each and everyone of you a free iPad. But, since I can't do that, I will give you a big THANK YOU! I can hear a few you you saying, take that thank you and shove it where the sun don't shine. 

It's cool...I would be pissed if I didn't win either.