Sponsor Love - Napoli Management


Another week is in the books and once again it was a record for traffic to FTVLive. Yesterday was our biggest day ever and Today is shaping up to be another huge one.

We have to thank all of you for not only stopping by here, but for telling your friends and co-workers about FTVLive as well.

But, the biggest thanks we have to give out is the the people that sponsor FTVLive. Without them FTVLive would still be sitting behind a paywall where most you you would not be able (i.e too cheap) to read it.

Sponsors like Napoli Management.

Mendes Napoli is the man and the brains behind the Napoli Management Group. Mendes was one of the first people to help sponsor FTVLive back when we were still a pay site.

He has been a big supporter for years and in that time Napoli Management has grown into a powerhouse talent agency.

Napoli Management Group is one of the largest broadcast talent representation firms in the country. We represent television news anchors, reporters, weathercasters and sportscasters in all of the major television markets in the country, at the ABC, CBS and NBC television networks as well as on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and ESPN. We also represent hosts in cable and syndication. We are a firm that believes in forming a strong personal relationship with each of our clients. A relationship that helps advance their careers.

NMG represents 500 of the most talented broadcasters in the country and offers a wide range of services and expertise that helps to ensure success in the industry. Their clients work at all levels of the media, from small and medium-sized markets to some of the highest positions in the industry.

When Mendes J. Napoli founded NMG in 1993, he brought with him more than 23 years of experience and expertise in the broadcast industry as a general manager, news director and corporate executive. Mr. Napoli started NMG because he wanted to put his broadcast management expertise to work helping on-air talent further their careers.

The NMG team of representatives, Mendes J. Napoli, Laurie Jacoby, David Ahrendts, Jean Sage, Sue McInerney, Liz Sherwin, Liz Hart and Al Corral, all bring a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds to our company. While they each represent our own group of broadcasters, the agents work together to maximize our contacts and share resources and information that benefit all of their clients. NMG's extensive network of contacts with management on all levels guarantees access to confidential job opportunities and a wealth of information that they use to help their clients.

Napoli also recently added longtime TV Executive Gary Brown to their talented list of agents. FTVLive has worked with Gary in the past and can tell you he is a class act.

You can visit Napoli's website be clicking here.