CNN Ratings Dip in Zucker's First Month


Jeff Zucker may need some more crippled cruise ships in his future to help prop up CNN's ratings.

CNN went wall to wall with coverage of the crippled cruise ship and it helped the cable nets numbers. But just that day.

It's been one month since Jeff Zucker took over the ship (pardon the pun) at CNN and the ratings are off by 5% when you compare February to January numbers. The year to year numbers are even worse, showing CNN down as much as 18% in Prime Time. 

It's no surprise that Fox News Channel will walk away with the February crown. But once again CNN will find themselves in 3rd, behind FNC and MSNBC.

No one expected Zucker to turn CNN around in a month, but it would have been nice to at least get the ratings moving in a positive direction.

So far that's not the case.

Maybe Zucker can ask Carnival to strand another cruise ship. 

It never hurts to ask....does it?