Last Man Standing


As FTVLive has reported, KNBC has blown up the talent on their morning news show.

News Anchor Alycia Lane and Traffic Reporter Sean Murphy were kicked to the curb.

Weather Anchor Elita Loresca has been demoted to Weekend mornings, replaced by Crystal Egger (FIRST reported by FTVLive).

The only one left on the morning show is Anchor Michael Brownlee. But, LA viewers have been emailing FTVLive to say that Brownlee has not been seen on the air in the last week or so. Whit Johnson is been anchoring in Brownlee's spot. 

Of  course we wanted to reach out to KNBC for a comment on where Brownlee is and what's up? But we're still waiting for KNBC to call us back on a question we asked them 2 weeks ago.  

So, we reached out to Brownlee's agent Rick Ramage.  

Ramage tells FTVLive that Brownlee's wife recently gave birth and he is taking some time off to enjoy his new child. When Brownlee returns, he will continue with his morning show duties. 

With a bunch of new faces.