Here We Go!


It's November Ratings and it's that time of year when TV Anchors love to make the story all about themselves. 

Whether that are talking about their fight against cancer, depression, alcoholism or mental disease, as long as the story focuses on them it's all good. 

We wondered, who would get the "all about me" rating book kicked off and now we know. 

WTXF Fox Philly anchor Kerry Barrett went on the air to discuss her struggles with miscarriages.

"It was a tough decision," Barrett said to the Philly Daily News.

"My husband and I talked about it for months. First we decided we weren't going to talk about it. It's painful. [But] we decided we would feel worse staying silent. One of things I've heard is isolation is the worst part of going through a miscarriage, and I wanted other women to know that there's someone else going through it."

At one point during our talk, Barrett seemed to choke up a bit and apologized, struggling with her words.

"It's still hard for me to describe, or speak eloquently about it," she said.

Luckily the November Book came just in time. 

But, what about a woman that suffered a  miscarriage, wants to talk about it, but is not a news anchor?

Guess their just shit out of luck.  

Maybe one time a station will focus on one of those woman instead of "one of their own." 

You have to laugh..... when a talent is in trouble with the law, station's say they can't comment on personal issues. Yet during the book it seems like that is all we see from talent on the newscast.  

Hypocrites I say!