Oops! Did Fox Station Boss Speak Too Soon


In a recent Interview, Fox Stations Boss Jack Abernethy may have let the cat out of the bag a big early.

Abernethy was asked to give examples of some of the things his stations are doing to revamp their newscasts. He responded that “In Chicago [WFLD], we have got sort of three people really. We’ve got two anchors and then Robin Robinson comes in with her special reports,” Abernethy said.

That's news to anyone watching the news in Chi-Town. Longtime Anchor Robin Robinson is anchoring the news alongside new anchor Jeff Herndon. There is no third anchor.... yet.

There have been rumors for quite awhile that the station was looking to take Robinson off the desk. It appears the rumors are indeed happening, but Abernethy might have tipped everyone off to that fact before it happens. 

When it does happen, look for the station to spin it as it was Robinson's idea.  

Stay tuned.... 

H/T Robert Feder