Chicago Station Cuts Make Up Artist


That's not the only news coming out of the Fox O&O in Chicago.  

WFLD has told their longtime Make Up Artist to pack up her bags, she's history. 

Way back in March, FTVLive told you that the Fox O&O's were ordered to make some slashes to their budgets. It seems that the Make Up woman at WFLD is one of those cuts. 

Robert Feder says that Makeup artist. Debbie Davis was told this week that she’s out after nearly 20 years on the job.

Starting Nov. 1, insiders said, anchors and reporters on Monday-through-Friday newscasts will be responsible for applying their own makeup. There’s been no makeup artist on weekends for some time.

Fox 32 also was the first station in the third largest market to require anchors to operate their own Teleprompters. Studio Teleprompter operator positions were eliminated in cutbacks last year.

Now if you look, you can see anchors stepping on foot pedals or pressing hand-held devices to advance their scripts. Hilarity often ensues when things go wrong.