The Secret to the Fox News Deck

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.05.13 PM.png

Yesterday FTVLive showed you a video that gave us a tour of the new Fox News Deck. 

Shepard Smith showed us around the Deck and some of you emailed us asking about the "giant tablets" that some of the Fox News staff was using behind Shep in the video. 

People wanted to know where you can get a giant iPad such as these?

Well, FTVLive is going to let you in on a secret. Those tablets you see are just normal size iPads, nothing more than the one you have.  

The people on the other hand are no more than 6 inches tall.

It's all thanks to an experiment gone wrong. Fox News Boss Roger Ailes was having the engineers at FNC to invent something that would make Geraldo keep his clothes on and something that would shrink Bill O'Reilly's ego.

The device they came up with was tried on other Fox News staffers in a test. It didn't work and shrunk the workers down to very small people. Ailes didn't know what to do with the tiny workers, so he invented the Fox News Deck. 

By the way, the shrinking machine only works on white people. That's why you see no diversity behind Shepard Smith and not because Fox News doesn't hire people of color. 

Now you know the real story.