The Story Behind the Picture

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Yesterday, for throwback Thursday, I shared a picture of now CNN's Gary Tuchman and myself (I'm the one with the fake tattoo) from around 1990. 

Gary and I were going undercover and working together on a story for WPEC in West Palm Beach.

Yesterday, I reported that I could not remember why we were undercover and what the story was? I remembered it had something to do with the state fair.

Tuchman, who has a much better memory than I, emailed and gave the answer. "You and I were undercover journalists trying to expose crack cocaine use among carnival ride operators in South Florida," Gary tells FTVLive.

So there you go! 

I'm betting it was a story for sweeps, but I can't remember that either. Maybe it was smoking all that crack with the carnies that killed off my memory. 

Wait till next week's throwback Thursday when I show you a pic of me and Geraldo. Will we have clothes on?

Stay tuned....