Still Waiting by the Phone for KNBC to Callback

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Yesterday, FTVLive got a tip of another shakeup in the anchor ranks at KNBC. 

A source told us that KNBC 6PM Anchor Lucy Noland was being taken off the evening broadcast. Not a huge tip, but interesting since the station had just blown Alycia Lane out in the mornings. 

FTVLive called KNBC to confirm the tip.  

After being bounced around and no one saying anything, we were transferred to KNBC's Public Relations and Communications  department.

The woman that answered the phone was "Terri'. 

We told Terri who we were and asked in the rumor about Noland being yanked off the 6 was true? 

Terri asked again who I was? I told her "Scott Jones from FTVLive." She then said "Well Hi Scott! We never hear from you." 

I told Terri that I try and stay away from calling the PR people at stations. The way I look at it, there is enough regurgitated crap from station's PR people on other TV sites. FTVLive likes to try and keep it real. The PR people are more often than not the last people we call, instead of the first.  

I told Terri, there are some good PR people out there, but.....  

She cut me off to say that she was one of the good ones. I said now is her chance to prove it......was Lucy Noland pulled from the newscast? 


"I'm just getting ready to head into a meeting....can I call you right back?" Terri said. I tried to explain that it would take just a second to say "yes" or "no." 

"I've got to get into this meeting, but I will call you back in two minutes," Terri said. 

That was yesterday at 6PM my time 3PM her time....we're still waiting on her call.

And you wonder why we hate dealing with the PR people.?

Terri did not give us her last name, but we assume that it is Terri Hernandez Rosales (pictured), who is Vice President Communications for KNBC.

So if you're the VP of Communications at an NBC O&O, you would think that you would know something about....oh I don't know....COMMUNICATIONS! 

When Terri calls us back, will let you know.  

By the way, has Noland been pulled from the 6PM newscast at KNBC?  

We still don't have a confirmation, but judging by the run around we're getting from KNBC, we betting the house that she is.  

Just saying....