Calling Out FTVLive

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FTVLIve did a story on KXLY (Spokane) Anchor Nia Wong joining the station from Las Vegas as a main Anchor.

We wrote the headline using Wong’s last name as a play on words. Just like we did in this headline and others.

Some thought that are headline was inappropriate and called us out.

I can tell you that it was never my intent and I was just trying to be cleaver in my headline.

Anyone that reads FTVLive knows my record and knows where I stand on issues of minorities, women and the LBGTQ communities. Just read this site and it will be clear as to where my heart and mind is.

That being said, I apologize to those that were offended. And although she was not one of those that contacted me or said anything, I apologize to Nia Wong. The story was positive about her starting her new job,

I congratulate her for the job and I apologize for taking away any attention from her for getting the job.

FTVLive calls out people for their mistakes and we should call out ourselves for making a mistake.

Nia, we are truly sorry.