Active Shooter

The stations in Philly went wall to wall as an active shooter was firing on Philadelphia police officers.

Dramatic video as the cops exchanged fire with the suspect that was able to shoot 6 officers during the incident.

We watched a number of the live streams and all the stations in Philly did a great job covering a very active scene.

At one point the news choppers were showing close shots of the scene, but pulled back to wider shots, when some worried that the suspect might be watching coverage.

In the end the police were able to tear gas the suspect’s house and the suspect came out with his hands up.

Good job by the media that was covering the incident and bringing the information to viewers.

But, we have to wonder why there was an active shooting at all? Didn’t Walmart take down off the violent video game displays in their stores?

I thought that was the problem and not the fact that it is way too easy to get a gun in our society.