He'll Forever Be Known as Fredo

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Yesterday, FTVLive showed you video of CNN host Chris Cuomo getting caught on camera losing his shit after some guy referred to him as Fredo.

Fredo was a character from the movie The Godfather and he was portrayed as weak and dumb.

Cuomo said that calling an Italian “Fredo” was the same as calling a black person the N-word. As we said in our story yesterday, it is not even close to the same thing. First of all, people say the word Fredo and most don’t say the N-word.

Of course, because Cuomo went into a rage at being called Fredo, he is now basically is assured that he will always be referred to as that by his detractors.

Yesterday, after the video of him flipping out went viral, he posted this message:

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What he is really saying is, damn….if I knew there was a camera there….

A friend of ours that works in the business watched the video and had this to say, “He embarrassed himself by using so much profanity. As an Italian American I’ve never heard the name Fredo used as a sign of disrespect. Sure the character in The Godfather was the weak brother but it was only a movie for heavens sake! Fredo can also be a term of endearment because the character was not murderous like his brothers. Sure puts Chris Cuomo in a different light.”

Of course the President weighed in, because….ummmmm…who knows why. He used the Cuomo video as a reason we should not change some gun laws.

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Well….. I for one would not want Chris Cuomo walking around with a gun.

CNN released a statement that they stand by Cuomo and his actions.

Hmmmm…. I wonder how CNN would have covered the story if it was Tucker Carlson in that video?

Lastly….If Sean Hannity is coming to your defense, you know you fucked up.

Just saying…