Nashville Station Caves To Pressure

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Scripps owned WTVF had changed their logo to include the gay pride flag in a show of support for Gay Pride month.

But, when some viewers started to complain about the change, the station deleted the logo and went back to the old one.

That move brought the station even more blowback, this time from people that support the gay community.

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Sources say that the rainbow logo was up for only about an hour before the station pulled it and went back to the old logo. WTVF, nor Scripps has commented on why they caved so quickly to the homophobes.


WTVF has a long history of diversity and inclusivity, so many were surprised at how easily the station caved to the trolls.

Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Joe Woolley earlier today withheld comment pending a statement from WTVF, but when the station failed to issue any statement, he said, “ (WTVF)Channel 5 has a long history of standing with the LGBT community and equality. But it does not give them a pass for the bad business decision they made today. They should have had a policy in place on posting something like this, and it should have been approved and supported from the top down.”

It should be pointed out that Nashville’s WSMV also posted a graphic (see right) in support of Gay Pride month and so far they have not caved into the haters and trolls.

It’s never a good thing when a station loses its backbone to the haters.

They should have been better than that.

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